Question 1: Why i am interest at kingcrab?

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Some pepole interest at king crab's like me.

Some pepole has same reson as me to interest at kingcrabs.

There is 5reason I`m interest at king crab.

Frist, there lives in land, and wate, because there is only few animals can livein land, and water.

Second, they are o taiste, and delicous.( I like crab food^-^)

Third, they have 8legs in there body, because there is only 2species have 8legs in there body.external image crabgprkc14a.jpg

Fourth, they are very big thas mast other crab, and they are little bit fierce than other crabs.

Fifth, they are lives in many place in oceans.

Ths reason that I like king crab.