The Six Thinking Hats is a way to think about thinking. It can help you solve problems. We are going to use Six Hats thinking this year in grade four.

Here is one famous book Edward De Bono wrote about the Six Thinking Hats:

Why do we study thinking?

  • We study thinking because if we think, we can solve problems. (Da Hoon)

The hat colors.

Each hat has a different color. The color can help you remember what the hat is for.

6_hat_yellow.jpgYellow Hat
Sunshine. Sunny. Bright. Positive. Optimistic (always seeing the good side of things).

6_hat_black.jpgBlack Hat
Gloomy. Negative. Describing why something won't work. Pessimistic (seeing the bad side of things).

6_hat_red.jpgRed Hat
Feeling {Ho-Jin}

6_hat_white.jpgWhite Hat
Fact. True infomations(Yoon-jee)
(Jungwoo)someThing is...

6_hat_green.jpgGreen Hat
New ideas~ - YH_YoonJee YH_YoonJee

6_hat_blue.jpgBlue Hat
Hat controler - YH_YoonJee YH_YoonJee

Some examples:

Please add your ideas to these examples.

example 1:

I want to climb Mount Everest.

Yellow Hat
  • Yeah! Try it!
  • You may be on the Ginus. Jiwoo
  • You can do it! {Ho-Jin}
  • Of course~! Why wou can't do it?^^{yeon-seung}
  • There's nothing I can't try!Yoon-jee.
  • There's nothing impossible to do it~~!{JooHun}
  • You will be famouse person-min kyeong
  • You will be succeed. (Se-hwan)
  • You are best!!(Soo-hyun)
  • You are good at this~!*^ㅁ^*(Min-Jun)
  • It will be fun! You can doit!!
  • Yes!You can make it!{Seong-won}
Black Hat
  • You might die.
  • Yoiu might miss your family.Jiwoo
  • No way!! You'll die!{yeon-seung}
  • You can't do it. {Ho-Jin}
  • It's so high! ㅠ.ㅠYoonjee
  • You will be freeze!-min kyeong
  • You will meet a snowslide (Soo-hyun)
  • You will be not succeed.(Se-hwan)
  • You will fall down and crash into ground! It is dangeorous.-Ye jin-
  • No! It's impossible{Seong-won}
Red Hat
  • I'm nervous because it sounds dangerous.

  • I'm exiciting because I can be on the ginas.Jiwoo
  • It's great but I'm little bit scare. (Soohyouk)
  • I'm so excited to climb up this hill~~!!!!!!!!!!{JooHun}
  • I'm so palpitate!-min kyeong
  • I'm curious about mountain!!{yeon-seung}
  • I'm afraid that I could die.(Ye-jin)
  • I'm scared if you have an accident{Seong-won}
  • I'm so agreeable,because I'm on a "Himalayas" mountain.* ^ㅂ^*ㅠSoo-hyunㅠ*^ㅂ^*
White Hat
  • Mount Everest is 8,848 meters (29,028 feet) high.
  • It's near Nepal.Jiwoo
  • Mount Everest is the highest mountin in the world!Yoonjee.
  • It's in Asia.-min kyeong
  • Over 500 people died trying to climb it.
  • It gets colder when we go higher.
  • Everest is very cold!{yeon-seung}
  • The first man who climbed Mt,Everest was Edmund Hillary.{Seong-won}
  • Today's sky is dust.(Soo-hyun)
example 2:
I am a teacher who leaves home at 7:30am and comes home at 7:00pm. I found a dog on the street. I am thinking about keeping her.

Yellow Hat
  • Yeah~!!. She can be your family.Jiwoo
  • Dog will like you!!{yeon-seung}
  • Good idea! you and she will never feel alone.-min kyeong
  • Great! You have new friend!-min kyeong
  • Great!! Now you'll have a dog! Dogs are very cute.-Ye jin
  • Yes!Do it!-Seong-won

Black Hat
  • She might miss her owner.Jiwoo
  • Her famliy wil be sad about the her.-min kyeong
  • It will poo on your house.-Ye jin-
  • Are you crazy?-Seong-won-
  • I think dog will miss her family.{Yeon-Seung}
  • You are bad person.(Soohyun)
Red Hat
  • She is poor. Jiwoo
  • She need to be alone.-min kyeong
  • I'm so happy to have her.(Ye jin)
  • She can be happy to find you.{Yeon-seung}
  • She has misfortune to meet you-Seong-won-
White Hat
  • She is a girl.
  • She lose her famliy-min kyeong
  • She is a dog.
  • Her name will be "dog" untill for 2weeks,{Yeon-Seung}
  • She is an animal-Seong-won-

example 3:

My new teacher is strange. All he wants to do is play soccer all day. He doesn't want to study at all.

Yellow Hat
We can play soccer all day!!(da young)
You can play soccer!!!Why can't you?*^^*{Yeon-Seung}
Yipee! While others work, we play and play! We go to school to play! (Da Hoon)
Oh~ It will be so fun playing soccer everyday~!!!
Yeah!We can play soccer~-Seong-won-
Black Hat
We can't be smart. Jiwoo
Student must study!!{Yeon-Seung}
We have to study.
Never! I want to study!-Seong-won
Red Hat
  • I feel bored.Jiwoo
  • I feel it will be fun~{Yeon-Seung}
  • That sounds good!-Seong-won
White Hat
  • It's not fun.Jiwoo
  • He wants to do soccer everyday.-Ye jin-
  • We must play soccer with 2 teams.{Yeon-Seung}
  • Soccer players can't touch ball except goalkeepers.-Seong-won-