Mardi_Gras_2.jpg Hello Teacher Richard's class!!! Do you remember me? It's Kristina! Olle gan man imnida! :) I want to show you some pictures from two holidays in America. The first one is from a holiday called Mardi Gras. It is a Christian/Catholic holiday that happens before Lent. Lent is when people give up something for 40 days until Easter. I went to the festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is the biggest one in America.

They have many beautiful floats. Look at this one!

And this one's beautiful, too!Mardi_Gras_3.jpg Everything is so colorful! The traditional colors are purple, gold, and green for Mardi Gras.

People wear very interesting costumes. It's a little like Halloween.


Mardi_Gras_6.jpgPeople throw beads from the floats. There were so many!!! Here is me with my two friends. Look at all of our beads!!!

How about St. Patrick's Day? Have you heard of this one? It is an Irish holiday on March 17th every year. On this day, people wear lots of green and there are many parades and festivals. Here is a picture of me St. Patrick's Day this year. Do I look funny??


So, what do you think about these holidays? What questions do you have about them?

4-4: Do you have Questions?

Please follow the example so our questions all look the same; the name of the person is in bold (Ctrl + b). If you see a question that does not follow the pattern, please change it!

Mr. Richard: Wow! I love the float heads! Do you know how they are made?
Miss Kristina: Mr. Richard, this is a very good question. One day, I found a website that showed people making them, but now I can't find it! Argh! However, I know that many of them are hand-painted because I saw a man painting one on the website. I think they make them from a mold and then paint them. If I find that website, I'll forward it to you!

Da young:What is your favorite holiday?
Miss Kristina: My favorite holiday is Halloween. I really like to wear costumes and go to costume parties. Last year, I dress up like a gypsy. Here, look! Can you find me?

YoonJee: Why do you wear green costumes at St. Patrick's Day?
Miss Kristina: St. Patrick's Day is from Ireland. Ireland's traditional color is green, so people wear green to celebrate.
Yejin: Was it fun??Do you have any memory with these holiday.