Miss Kristina

Miss Kristina has some new photos for us to look at! She took some amazing photos at an American holiday, as well as at her friend's wedding.


Our Interview with Miss Kristina

Miss Kristina visited our classroom on March ?, 2007. Before her visit, we practiced two kinds of questions: closed-ended and open-ended. An example of a close-ended question is: Do you like the rain? The answer to this question can only be 'yes' or 'no', therefore it doesn't give us any more information. This kind of question is good for surveys and true or false tests. An example of an open-ended question is "How do you feel about rain?" This question has many different answers, and gives us a lot more information than the closed-ended question.

What do we already know about Miss Kristina?

  • She's a woman.
  • She lives in America.
  • She visited our class last week.
  • She is Mr. Richard's friend.
  • She visited a lot of countries.
  • Her favorite Korean food dwen jang gi gea and kimchi.
  • She can speak Korean.
  • Her favorite country that she visit was Korea.
  • Her favorite color is red.
  • Her father likes to travel and his height is 185cm long.

What new questions do we have for her?

Here are the new questions we have for Miss Kristina. Please follow the example so our questions follow the pattern and look the same; the name of the person is in bold (Ctrl + b). If you see a question that does not follow the pattern, please change it!

Mr. Richard: How was your flight on the airplane home?
Miss Kristina: The flight home was a little uncomfortable, so I couldn't sleep. As you know, I am 182 cm tall. I think that airplane seats are made for people that are much shorter. However, I did meet an interesting family from Vietnam who had two small children. Also, I got to eat bibimbap on the plane, so I was happy about that.

Mr. Richard: What are some of your favorite movies?
Miss Kristina: I have many favorite movies. My favorite Korean movies are Yeopgijeogin geunyeo (Yupki Girl) and Yeongeo wanjeonjeongbok (Please Teach Me English).

Chan-Kyoung: Why did you come to the Korea?
Miss Kristina: I came to Korea the first time because I wanted to learn about a new country. I came to Korea the second time because I wanted to teach English, and Korea was very comfortable for me. I came to Korea the third time to go to my friend's wedding. Also, I knew I could eat kimchi every day in Korea, so I came wanted to go to Korea! Hooray!

Ho-Jin: Did you like Korea?
Miss Kristina: Yes, very much. Sa-rang-heyo!!

Yeon-Seung: When did you came from Kansas?
Miss Kristina: I came from Kansas City and stayed in Korea during these dates: September-October 2003, March 2005-March 2006 and March 1, 2007-March 11, 2007.

Soo-Hyouk: What is your favorite book?
Miss Kristina: My favorite book is a book about following your dreams called The Alchemist.

Min-Kyeong:What is your favorite food in Kansas?
Miss Kristina: Kansas City is famous for barbecue, so I really like to eat barbecue ribs. It's like an American-style kalbi! :)

Dae-Won:What good things do you like about Mr. Richard?
Miss Kristina: I like that Mr. Richard has a good imagination. He cares about his students very much. Also, he is very funny, and makes me laugh.

Se-Hwan:Do you like this page?
Miss Kristina: Yes, it's so cool!

In Sub: Do you like alien?
Miss Kristina: Yes, but they are a little scary.

Sang Min: Did you ever saw the alien or UFO?
Miss Kristina: No, but my friend said she did.

Da Hoon: What is your favorite place in America?
Miss Kristina: I really like Austin, Texas and Seattle, Washington.

Yoon-jee: How much do you know about making Mr. Richard's smoothie??
Miss Ktistina: Hmmm...I don't know how to make it! Please tell me!! Is it delicious?

Sang-Hee: what is your favorite animal?
Miss Kristina: My favorite animal is the bonobo.

Somy: What is your favorite Korean play?
Miss Kristina: I have never had a chance to see a Korean play before. Can you recommend a good one to me?

Jiwoo: What is your favorite place in Korea??
Miss Kristina: My favorite place in Korea is Bulguksa in Gyeongju.

Jiwon: How many times you have went Korea??
Miss Kristina: I have been to Korea 3 times.

Joonhoo: What is your favorite star?
Miss Kristina: Do you mean movie star? I really like Johnny Depp and Lee Jung-i.

Jiwoo: Do you like dog?
Miss Kristina: Yes, they're cute.

Jiwoo: Are you in U.S.A now?
Miss Kristina: Yes, I am home now.

Jiwon: Do you like me?
Miss Kristina: Of course! Korean people are so cool!

Miss Kristina! There is 1 more question!

Soohyun: What kind of restaurant do you like?
Miss Kristina: <her answer>

JooHun:Where's your favorite country?
Miss Kristina: <her answer>

Jiwoo: I think you left about 1 month ago. When are you going to come back in Korea???
Miss Kristina: <her answer>

HoJin: Where are you in now?
Miss Kristina: <her answer>

DaHoon: What is most popular food in United States?
Miss Kristina: <her answer>