Hi, I just wanted to show you a couple of photos from my friend, Sung-soo's wedding. His wedding was in March when I met you. Their wedding was very similar to weddings in America, except a few things. They did not kiss at the wedding, and they did not exchange rings at the wedding. Also, when they said their vows, they held up their right hand.

Here is me with Sung-soo and his parents.

Later, they changed into their hanbok at dinner. Here is Sung-soo and his new wife, Seo-yeon, with two of his friends from Taiwan, and me!

4-4: Do you have Questions?

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Mr. Richard: Where did you meet Sung-soo?
Miss Kristina: I met Sung-soo in 2003, when I visited Korea for the first time. His family was my host family. They were the first Koreans that I met, and they taught me a lot about Korean culture. Later, Sung-soo lived in my hometown for 1 year when he was studying English.
Ye jin: Wasn't it boring??
Miss kristina/christina: