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Welcome to 4-4 Adventures!

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Students in 4-4 have now got worms! Hundreds of the wiggly little guys are slithering all over the grade four classrooms. If you are interested in what our worms are doing, please visit our Worm Online Wiki.

Visitors and Users

Are you curious how many people are looking at our wiki? Here are two graphs of the traffic (visitors) to our wiki. Wikispaces can tell us a lot more information about our wiki. Go here to see all our statistics.
How many people are looking at our wiki?
How many students are editing our wiki?
In 2007:

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Our Themes

These are the big themes we are learning about:


Worm Online Wiki
The Baekje (Second) Newsletter


Forest Committee
Geodesic Dome Committee
Animal Posters
Animal Sculptures
The (first) 4-4 Newsletter

The Taino and I
Who were the Taino? Where did they live? Click here to find out more.

Wiki Introduction Project
We have starting the Wiki Introduction Project. This project will help you learn how to use our wiki. Please think of what kind of animal you want to study for your project and add it to our Wiki Introduction Project Table of Contents.

Wiki Groups:

Bridge Birds Girls
Wiki Experts
Super Soccer Stars
Melodies of Piano
Computer Games
Interview Group
Rubik's Cube
Reading Group

A Guide to My Life:
What must I do? What items are optional?

To Miss Kristina, From 4-4 students:
Miss Kristina has some new photos for us to look at! She took some amazing photos at an American holiday, as well as at her friend's wedding.

A story about Mr. Bug...
What happens to Mr. Bug when he visits Mr. Richard's house?

The LaMonte-Birds' Visitor:
What kind of animal is it? Is it dangerous? Can it bite? What does it eat?

How to make one?


4-4 morning meeting:
Where should I go for help with finding reports? What is the meeting agenda? When do I present, and in what language? What are some example reports?

The Six Thinking Hats:
What are the Thinking Hats? What is the yellow hat for?

Interesting web sites
What could you see?

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
What did we learn from the story?

Using our wiki:
How do I make another page? How do I make a link?

Four Minute Countdown

This is old and hasn't been changed for a few months. Sorry. if anyone is interested in making this their special job, I can teach you how to do it.
4-4 Two Minute Countdown - http://sheet.zoho.com

What kind of wiki pages do you want?

I am curious what other wiki pages you want to make. Can we brainstorm a list? Here are some suggestions I've heard:
  • we make a page that describes our school
  • a page that has all the wiki vocabulary words (I think this is a great idea)
  • how to put images and links on the wiki
  • kinds of games we know how to play
  • learn again about what we did today in school
  • (your ideas go here)

Where is our school?

This is a map that uses the Google Earth maps to show a place. You can zoom in and out and move around. Can you find your neighborhood? I found mine!

Your Homework Question:

I'm curious what you think about our class. Please answer this poll (question):

If the poll doesn't look right, please tell me! I need to know if there are problems so I can fix it.