How to make a link

You can make three kinds of links:
  1. a link to a webpage in our wiki
  2. a link to a page new webpage in our wiki
  3. a link to a webpage on the internet (everything outside of wikispaces)

To make any kind of link, click "edit this page", then select the text you want to make into a link. To select text, use the mouse to highlight it (make it blue). Next, click the link button on the toolbar. A small webpage pops up and it asks you some questions about the kind of link you want.

To link to an old wiki page:

Choose the page from the list where it says "Page Name." Click "Ok" when you are finished.

To link to a new wiki page:

If you want to make a link to a new wiki page, click "New Page" where it says Page Name. Below that, it says "New Page Name". This is where you say what you want the new page to be called. You can make links to webpages that don't exist yet, and later you can make that page. Click "OK" when you are finished and you're link will be made.

To link to a webpage outside wikispaces:

If you want to make a link to a webpage that is outside wikispaces, click "External Link" and type the webpage's address.